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Jumat, 15 April 2011

PC Optimizer Pro

PC Optimizer Pro is a program to cleaner your computer, optimize and restore your Windows OS in a few mouse click. The software allows to optimize the performance of your PC, making your PC run faster and allows the system to correct various bugs, preventing up to 90% of all failures in the PC. The software consists of a set of system utilities that help you clean the system registry and hard disk of debris to remove unneeded software and programs from startup, will show you information about your system and will make a backup in case of system failure and many other operations system.
Features of PC Optimizer Pro:
- Uninstalling software
Utility for uninstalling software, it can become the best substitute for the standard panel Remove software OS.
- Startup Manager
The utility allows you to control programs run at system computer on startup, when entering or leaving the system PC, so you do not have to manually do it every time.
- Registry Optimization
Utility scans the Windows OS registry to find and fix incorrect or outdated information to ensure that your system operation worked quickly and without errors.
- Protecting Your Privacy
Utility protects your privacy by cleaning all traces of your computer and Internet activities.
- Destruction
Utility permanently deletes files from the disk without the possibility of their recovery.
- Tools Windows OS
The utility gives you an easy and quick access to some standard features Windows OS (, Disk Defragmenter, click Control Panel, Device Manager, System Restore, Performance Monitor, System Properties, etc.)
- Backup and Recovery
The utility makes a backup of all your information and important files, so you do not lose all your important data even in case of system OS failure.

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