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Rabu, 18 Mei 2011

Smart32 Antivirus


Smart32 is one of the local antivirus davsoftlab to destroy viruses spread locally and beyond that is currently circulating in Indonesia.

Smart32 hotfix is a bug fixed from the engine scanner that no longer usesthe CRC checksum 32 as her but have been using MD5 that more must be more accurate, and do not forget in this version has been equipped withRTP POWER GUARD that will protect your computer in realtime.

Scanning method was changed because the previous versions often havetrouble at the time of the scan, it is because CRC32 less accurate methodto detect polymorphic viruses that use a technique that is always changingchecksums at the time of infecting the victim's computer, but with a bitchecksum Smart32 this can be resolved .

Thanks for the help and admin support Smart32 which is always active inthis posting. Smart32 can be updated regularly in

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